New Service!!

Have you ever wanted to try one of the newest color trends like Mermaid Blue, Unicorn Pink or Silver Balayage?  Or maybe you are just bored with the color you have had for years?  Then our new service is for you!!

We are excited to announce our new service, Transformational Color*!  Pricing starts at $300, depending on the desired look it could be more. Stylists currently offering this service are Ashley and Kylie and you can book online on our services page.  Bria is also a Transformational Color Master, who can be reached to book separately.

* A note about Transformational Color:  With the current trends of Mermaid, Fashion Color, and Very Pale to Silver Balayage it is important to know that these colors often require multiple color applications and are therefore not a traditional highlight or color service.  At Vixen Beauty Lounge we consider any service that requires three or more color applications  ( for example highlight, root color, root smudge, base break and toners) to be a Transformation Color and will be charged accordingly.  Also, in some cases a client who has more than 8 weeks of regrowth will be considered Transformational Color, due to the amount of time and color it can take to blend and create a beautiful color.

Finest Pigments Color Glossing

Davines finest pigments

Gel formula, without ammonia, formulated with ingredients up to 97% of natural origin. Simple and fast to use, does not require an activator. Immediately colours hair. Intensifies the natural hair colour and emphasizes cosmetic hair colour. Tones highlights and can be used to camouflage white hair and obtains intense creative reflects on bleached hair. It represents the first approach to colour for natural hair. Can be used immediately after a perm or relaxing treatment.

Five Star Safety Nail Gel

BioSculptsure Gel Nail Art



Vixen Beauty Lounge is committed to using the best products for our clients, staff and environment. In America the nail industry has been slow for follow in the footsteps of other cosmetic industries, and it’s extremely difficult to find a healthy and safe gel option.

We proudly offer Bio Sculpture for the following reasons:

Because it’s The Gel that works!

As the Inventors of: Soak Off Gel, Color Gel, and Gel Nail Sculptures. Bio Sculpture leads the nail industry in all categories: Appearance, Health, Durability, Simplicity and Ease of Application and Removal.

Applied without any primers or bonders, Bio Sculpture natural nail gels will not lift, chip, crack or wear away at the free edge if applied correctly.

The Healthier Alternative

Strengthens, conditions, and promotes the growth of your natural nails while allowing weak, brittle nails to grow. There is no inhaling of dust, vapors, smelly odors and no excessive buffing before, during, or after application. Gel can quickly and safely be removed within ten to fifteen minutes with Bio Sculpture Gel Remover (Soak Off).

No Chip Manicures

Gel is applied thin and natural looking without the use of primers, bonders or sealers. Strong and durable, yet flexible, Bio Sculpture Gel gives the nail the ability to bend without cracking or splintering. It will not lift, chip, smudge, or wear away at the free edge for weeks on end. It dries instantly under a UV-A light, so no more waiting for polish to dry.

Chip Proof Pedicures

No drying time! Put on your shoes and walk right out the door with no smudged toenails. Keep feet immaculately groomed for weeks with no worn or ragged edges. We offer an extensive pedicure line for treating and nourishing feet and toes.

Extensive Color Gel Range

Choose from over 170 different colors, crystal clear, or French. We offer a variety of pinks and whites suitable for every occasion. Change the shade of your favorite color by adding shimmer, glitter or pearl colors for endless possibilities. For a temporary color change: apply any fashion color from our large collection of double density polishes and remove with Bio Sculpture Polish Remover (Cleanser) to return to the original gel color.IMG_20140813_145131

Natural Nail Extensions

Flexible gel extensions create strong, thin, natural looking extensions without the use of glue or resin. Extend natural nails that will not split nor crack, giving your nails the chance to grow long and strong. Bio Sculpture Gel can be applied over any other permanent nail enhancements or tips.

Taken from the Bio Sculpture website

Humidity and the magic of a Keratin Treatment

Since San Diego has been unusually humid the last couple of weeks the ladies at Vixen Beauty Lounge have been giving Keratin treatments daily. The appeal of cutting down on blow dry time by 50% may be the reason. Add one on to your haircut or color for only $115 through the end of July.

It will make your hair sparkle and shine, plus with all the time you will save blow drying your hair can be spent at the beach. Do you have thin or fine hair? We have a Keratin formula for you too!

keratin1 keratin 2

Frizz is one of my biggest hair issues. I also know it’s one of your biggest hair struggles. The only ways to fix frizz, so far, have been through chemical treatments or blow drying and styling. But I’ve discovered a new solution.

Blowdrying and styling is time consuming and can take a toll on your hair. Plus it’s totally dependent on the weather. So many times I’ve styled my hair only to face rain or humidity, and feel like I’ve completely wasted my time.

Chemical treatments are something I’ve steered clear of in the past. They are an effective solution for frizz but they also mean permanently straightening your hair. Many treatments can leave your hair flat and stiff.

Another risk is that some keratin treatments can change the colour of your hair. They can lighten coloured hair and even change the tone of grey hair, turning it yellow.


No. COCO Keratin is not a straightening treatment. It tames frizz and smooths your hair but does not alter your natural hair structure.


No. There is no change to hair colour. COCO Keratin nourishes and treats your hair, and adds shine.

Keratin Treatment


 Coco Keratin has developed a hair treatment system that straightens, smoothes, and treats hair. By working from the inside of the hair, outwards, the Coco’s Keratin Treatment restores vitality to hair. The results of our products have been tested and proven to give your hair more softness, elasticity, and vibrancy. Coco’s Brazilian Keratin Treatment will change how you straighten hair to get a smooth and silky look. The Keratin will straighten hair and maintain that beautiful and natural look for months. Unlike other types of straightening methods, keratin treatment will not keep you in the salon all day. The process takes just a couple of hours when done by a trained professional. Some of the main advantages over other processes are low costs and high quality that leads to better results;  we at Vixen Beauty Lounge believe that the price should not be a barrier for anyone seeking a hair straightening treatment. It works on most hair types, including curly or frizzy, colored or highlighted, and perm or relaxed hair.

Express Keratin Treatment