New Service!!

Have you ever wanted to try one of the newest color trends like Mermaid Blue, Unicorn Pink or Silver Balayage?  Or maybe you are just bored with the color you have had for years?  Then our new service is for you!!

We are excited to announce our new service, Transformational Color*!  Pricing starts at $300, depending on the desired look it could be more. Stylists currently offering this service are Ashley and Kylie and you can book online on our services page.  Bria is also a Transformational Color Master, who can be reached to book separately.

* A note about Transformational Color:  With the current trends of Mermaid, Fashion Color, and Very Pale to Silver Balayage it is important to know that these colors often require multiple color applications and are therefore not a traditional highlight or color service.  At Vixen Beauty Lounge we consider any service that requires three or more color applications  ( for example highlight, root color, root smudge, base break and toners) to be a Transformation Color and will be charged accordingly.  Also, in some cases a client who has more than 8 weeks of regrowth will be considered Transformational Color, due to the amount of time and color it can take to blend and create a beautiful color.

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