Skin Services

Vixen Beauty Lounge

Brow Services

Brow sculpting/Shaping   25

Brow cleanup                   20

Waxing Services

Lip                                   10

Chin                               10

Underarm                     20

Full Leg                         60

Half Leg                         35

Bikini                               35

Brazilian                          50


Anti-Aging Facial  95

Facial incorporates gentle micro-current technology to stimulate and strengthen facial muscles. The treatment encourages collagen production, repairs free radical damage, and enhances facial tone. Skin will appear smoother, brighter, suppler, more firm, lifted and contoured.

Skin resurfacing facial 65

An accelerated facial treatment that combines glycolic acid with green papaya enzyme to increase the resurfacing action.   This will increase hydration, boost the skin’s ability to repair damage and target inflammation associated with aging.

Brightening Facial 85

This treatment uses all organic proven ingredients to help restore your skins natural color and glow. Using a select blend of exfoliating enzymes to exfoliate dead skin mixed with peptide’s to enhance skin glow, followed by a lightening mask and photo light treatment to treat hyperpigmentation at its cellular level.

Signature facial peel series

A personalized signature peel series designed to combat wrinkles, facial scarring, hyperpigmentation, and acne issues. A personalized facial series with a home care plan designed to enhance the work done in treatment. This series will give the best immediate and permanent results. Designed specifically to a client’s needs.

Basic facial  60

Deep cleanse and exfoliation with organic botanical ingredients that soothe and heal skin at a cellular level. Perfect for all skin types.

Restorative deep pore cleanse  60

This facial focuses on purging the toxins that clog pores. Using European techniques, this treatment is a great starting point for any skin care regimen will leave your complexion feeling clean and polished.

Acne Facial  70

This facial is best used in a series, devolved to treat acne breakouts at the deep cellular level, using a combination of organic ingredients and oxygen therapy, this facial will reduce the production of bacteria that causes breakouts.



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