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 You can relax and enjoy some time for yourself!

Settle in with a magazine or coloring book, and enjoy a Cafe Moto cappuccino or luxury tea, sparkling water and  an assortment of

snacks while our expert Davines hairstylists transform your hair.

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I LOVE Vixen Beauty Lounge and my stylist Lesley for so many reasons!

Lesley is super flexible and accommodates my schedule (even when I change it on her every other month.)
She's very fair on pricing and is reasonable when it comes to stretching my color or cut a little longer.
Vixen has a loyalty program where you can earn free services when you rack up a certain number of points.
The cut and color always look AMAZING! I get a ton of compliments every time I get my hair done.
Lesley and the Vixen crew are all just really nice people.
They have a nice little snack bar with tea, cookies and other little treats.

I don't have a bad thing to say about Vixen. I've tried a lot of different stylists and salons and Vixen is my go-to for as long as they'll have me!

Jenn B.



One of my best friends has been going to Ashley for years and has always spoken so highly of her, plus her hair is gorgeous, and so I finally made the switch this past spring after 16 years with my last hairdresser.  It was worth switching!  She is great!  Listens to what you want, for example, if you say only take a little off she actually only takes a little!  She only uses high-quality products too and is very helpful in making you decide what to do with your cut/color.  I am extremely happy with her!  Recently found out that one of my neighbors has been going to her for years too and loves her....

Laura C,



Since the first time I met Ashley and we talked about my hair she knew exactly what I wanted. It's hard to find someone you just click with and understand that also does what you want to your hair. She was also able to fix my color from my last stylist, this is my 3rd time coming to Ashley and cannot sing enough of her praises.  She is worth driving the 2 hours it takes me to make my appointments.

Nancy D.